Monday, January 31, 2011

Leak: Motorola Atrix 4G's Dock Will Cost Just $60? [Cellphones]


Leak: Motorola Atrix 4G's Dock Will Cost Just ?It looks like our product-of-CES will cost $200 all-in, if leaked retailers' prices are correct. We'd heard last week that the phone itself will cost $150, and now the dock looks like it could be just $60.

This isn't just any old dock, capable of charging your smartphone. It actually connects the Atrix phone to a laptop or computer, running Motorola's apps right there on the other screen. The dock itself has three USB ports for connecting keyboards, mice or external hard drives, plus there's also a microHDMI port.

Intriguingly, the retailer which leaked the dock's price,, has also got a pre-order page up for a more basic dock, for $50.

Supposedly the Atrix 4G will go on sale in February (with the 11th having been bandied about before), so we don't have too long to wait before all these rumored prices are confirmed. [Fommy via WirelessGoodness via Androidandme]