Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Capture Impressive Screenshots with Shotty


Shotty is an excellent screen capture program for Windows that can help you take screenshot images of the entire desktop, one of the open windows or a rectangular region of your screen.

transparent screenshots

The program is light-weight, it sports a very minimal interface and above all, there are a couple of unique features that make this screenshot tool quite a worthwhile download.

Shotty preserves all the drop shadows and translucent glass borders that are found in certain editions of Windows 7 and Vista (also known Windows Aero). These screenshots are then saved as transparent PNGs.

The program has a unique "delayed capture" mode that is useful for capturing screenshots of program menus and other objects that otherwise disappear when a windows is highlighted.

Shotty is completely free and supports portable installation so you may even carry is on a USB stick. There's a built-in image editor that you may use to annotate screenshots or for blurring certain areas of your capture.

If you have been using the Print Screen key or the Windows Snipping tool for screen captures, it's time to replace them with Shotty. See more on screen capture.

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