Friday, September 03, 2010

Samsung's QX410 is a Self-Proclaimed "Masterpiece" [Laptops]


Samsung's QX410 is a Self-Proclaimed "Masterpiece"Samsung's Seongwoo Nam says his company's new high-end QX410 is "the masterpiece of Samsung's computer business"—but it's probably more like of a copy of a well-known metal-bodied old master. Still, nice island keyboard.

Inside the QX410s strangely familiar aluminium case sits an Intel Core i5 (or i7 in the 14" and 15" models), with a dual graphics solution that switches from power-saving integrated Intel to an Nvidia GeForce card when you're doing something more demanding than F5-ing Twitter.

The battery is rated for 6.9 hours use under perfect laboratory conditions, while Samsung's put in the same "Express Charging Mode" found in this week's other new Samsung laptop, the SF410. The company's "Samsung Fast Start" allows users to get up and working within three seconds. So that'll be a hibernate mode, then.

The QX series will arrive in 13.3", 14" and 15.6" screen sizes. [Samsung]