Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Nokia's Crowdsourced Design Competition Shows Fans Really Do Want Android [Nokia]


Nokia's Crowdsourced Design Competition Shows Fans Really Do Want AndroidWhen Nokia started crowdsourcing ideas for a new potential phone, I very much doubt they expected one of the key criteria named by partakers would be an "open source operating system with unlimited multitasking." Like...Android? Their fans want Android?

Ok, fair enough, Symbian is open-source and can do a small amount of multitasking. But say "an open source platform capable of multitasking" to anyone on this planet, and they'll think of Android. And rightly so—Nokia-adopting-Android rumors have circulated in the past, mostly due to an overwhelming desire from their users for a platform that's just a little bit more up-to-date than Symbian.

Nokia may've quashed those rumors just like they discarded Symbian for their high-end series of phones, but can MeeGo really save the day? I'd start looking at Android, if I were their new CEO. This crafty designer has the right idea.

But back to the design competition. There are three design sketches that you can vote for, with the winning design being turned into a 3D render by Nokia's team of artists. Whether or not it turns into an actual phone, that's for Nokia to decide. Somehow, I can't quite see it happening however. [Nokia Conversations via EuroDroid]