Monday, June 21, 2010

EyeTV iPad App Streams Live TV Over Wi-Fi and 3G [Apps]


EyeTV iPad App Streams Live TV Over Wi-Fi and 3GElgato's EyeTV app has let you stream live or recorded television to the iPhone for a while now, but today the service has finally been optimized for the iPad.

EyeTV 1.1—a universal app, meaning it's made for both iPhone and iPad—is free if you're an existing EyeTV user, and costs $5 otherwise. You'll also need a Mac running EyeTV software and configured with a compatible TV tuner, and apparently you'll need a Core 2 Duo processor if you want to stream live television.

It still may not be a big screen, but watching TV on the iPad certainly makes more sense than on the iPhone. Although I'd recommend streaming over Wi-Fi if at all possible. [EyeTV]

Elgato Updated EyeTV App Now Support Streaming to iPad
San Francisco, Calif. - June 21, 2010 – Elgato announces the immediate availability of version 1.1
of their popular EyeTV app for iPhone which brings live TV streaming over Wi-Fi or 3G
connections to the iPad. In updating the EyeTV app to support the iPad, Elgato optimized the app to
take advantage of the iPad's much larger, high resolution screen and its superb video playback
capabilities. The result is beautiful full-screen playback - on the patio or on-the-go. EyeTV 1.1 is a
"Universal App" which works on both iPhones and iPads, and is a free update for existing owners.
Turn an iPad into the ultimate portable television The EyeTV app running on the iPad or iPhone
works in tandem with the user's Macintosh at home to stream high quality live or recorded TV
anywhere. In addition, the app gives full access to EyeTV's program guide for finding something to
watch and the ability to remotely schedule upcoming shows for recording.
Setting up EyeTV for iPhone/iPad is easy: On a local Wi-Fi network no configuration is needed.
When connecting from elsewhere, Elgato's' free "My EyeTV" locator service can automatically find
the path to the Mac back at home.
EyeTV for iPhone is a universal app and requires a Mac computer running EyeTV 3.4 and
configured with a compatible TV tuner device. Streaming live TV requires an Intel Core 2 Duo
processor. For sending the live signal over a 3G connection, Elgato recommends the Elgato
Turbo.264 HD which enables "adaptive streaming" for the best picture possible under varying
network speeds.
EyeTV for iPhone 1.1 is available from the App Store at a price of $4.99. The update is free for
existing EyeTV for iPhone customers. EyeTV 3.4 is available as a free update for EyeTV 3 users.
Elgato EyeTV tuners are available at the Elgato Online Store (, at Apple retail
stores and from local Mac resellers.