Thursday, May 06, 2010

Camera Kite Sails High For Rude Aerial Photos [Cameras]


Camera Kite Sails High For Rude Aerial PhotosTaking photos from a digital camera attached to a balloon, floating 20m in the air could get you into a lot of trouble. You could get it wrapped around a power line, for example. Or injure a low-flying bird.

This aerial camera is the work of Matthew Clark, who claims it'd be ideal for using at weddings and festivals, with the inflatable balloon sailing high into the air, but remaining tethered to your hand by the reel. A switch on the reel takes photos, which can then be transferred to a computer via USB. Being a film shooter, I'd like to see a 35mm version with some lo-fi lomo-esque lens. Make it happen, Matthew. [Coroflot via Yanko]