Sunday, February 21, 2010

Inevitably Pricey Sigma DP2s Focuses Faster, Plays Well with Macs [Sigma]


I doubt Sigma's DP2s (stress "s") update will clean up Wilson's DP2 review in any real way, but the improved autofocus algorithm could help reduce the camera's complexity a tad. Thing's still going to be expensive though.

Now that's only an educated guesstimate, using Sigma's existing pricing practices as a guide, because official pricing isn't available just yet.

We only know of new features, aforementioned autofocus tweaks chief amongst them. The tweak is all about speed. As in, the camera will do it faster. Items not getting tweaked include Sigma's traditional bare bones interface and camera body. Those remain Spartan and simple, as they were with the DP2. Inside the 14MP FOVEON X3 CMOS sensor is yet another example of Sigma's push to include larg(er) senors in their compact cameras.

There's also a Power Save Mode that should help budding photographers take more pics on a single charge (in theory and PR speak only, for now).

A final addition is the inclusion of Sigma's beefy RAW image processing software, "SIGMA Photo Pro4.0" (lack of JPEG+RAW was a ding against in the DP2 review). With the Mac version, Sigma promises previously PC-only features like JPEG conversion and batch white balance settings. [Sigma via DPReview]