Monday, January 04, 2010

WebOS Getting Doom, Quake, OpenGL, and Native SDK [Palm]


With some elbow grease, we've been able to play Doom on our WebOS devices for a while, but now we can do so without any messy terminal commands. Oh, and there's a playable version of Quake, too.

The folks of the webOS Internals global team have been throwing new things at us each day lately. At first Quake was only an unplayable demo, but now it plays just as well as the previously released version of Doom. These won't be the last games we'll see on the Pre though, because the same team has discovered demoed an OpenGL application and a "method for installing and running native Linux applications without the need for add-on services like webOSInternals' own Upstart Manager Service."

All of this is great news for homebrewers, Pre owners, and smartphone gamers, but tell me, what are you most eager to see next? [PreCentral]