Monday, November 30, 2009

Dolphin Browser Gives Droid the Multitouch It Should've Had From the Start [Android Apps]


As far as phones go, the Droid is an olympian. A supermodel. A movie star. But without multitouch, it's a movie star with rickets, and awkward inflection. That is: mildly disappointing! That's where the Dolphin browser comes in.

At first glance the browser is a bit of a mess: its Android Market listing is subliterate, and its interface—the tabs, specifically—look kind of assy on the Droid's higher-resolution screen. Beyond the glitches, though, it's a capable browser, with gesture support, RSS integration and yes, multitouch.

Dolphin's multitouch implementation works on a number of handsets aside from the Droid, from the Hero, which supports multitouch out of the box, to Cyanogen-modded G1s and MyTouch 3Gs, which don't. It works much better on faster hardware though: where it's a bit laggy on a stock Hero, it's surprisingly smooth on Motorola's speedier terminator phone. At any rate, it's free, and available now in the Market, so, go. [Dolphin via Engadget Mobile]