Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Casio intros the blemish-zapping EX-Z300 digicam with a slew of likeminded friends


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Casio, clearly not wanting to be left behind in the compact digicam market, has introduced what might be described as a treasure-trove of cameraifical excellence. Heading up this line of unstoppable goodness is the £229.99 ($429) EX-Z300, a 10-megapixel shooter that carries the company's in-camera touch-up mode called "Make-up" which allows you to clone away "blemishes" or "people you hate to look at." The electronics-maker is also introducing the £129.99 ($242), 9.3-megapixel EXILIM Card EX-Z19, the £149.99 ($280) 9.1MP EXILM Zoom EX-Z85, and a slightly less robust version of the EX-Z300 called the EXILM Zoom EX-Z250 -- at £199.99 ($373) -- also with a 9.1MP sensor. Exciting stuff, right? Right.
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