Friday, July 18, 2008

Intel CEO: Atom Platform Something "Most of Us Wouldn't Use" [D'OH]


In a quarterly conference call today, Intel CEO Paul Otellini dropped the aforementioned diss of the low-cost, low-power 45nm Atom chipset that can be found in a few current and many future netbooks, redirecting attention to the just-updated Centrino 2 and somehow-still-alive Celeron platforms as more viable for most consumers, and more profitable evidently for Intel. Otellini has also described Atom as "something for the next 2 billion computer users" in developing markets, so I guess this is a us/them, poor/rich tech classes pair of statements. This does nothing to explain the strange excitement most of us have when thinking about $200 laptops like the Asus eee, though. [Daily Tech