Sunday, June 22, 2008

Infosys develops 3D cellphone cameras, projectors


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We've seen a couple handheld 3D devices, but Infosys just announced that developed a chipset capable of capturing and projecting 3D holograms from ordinary cellphones, and that it hopes to take the tech mainstream by 2010. The system captures a series of 2D images from normal cameras and uses them to develop 3D holograms, projecting received images using a laser projector and micro optical elements. Infosys also had a patent granted on the system required to transmit 3D data over normal telecom networks without clogging them up -- the data is transmitted unprocessed, and the chipsets at either end do the heavy lifting. There's no word on what devices this stuff might appear in, but we're wondering what that laser system is supposed to project onto -- or if we'll have to take up smoking to get our 3D on.

[Thanks, Bucky]
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