Wednesday, May 14, 2008

3M's Mini-Projector Mystery Company Turns Out To Be Samsung [Projectors]


3m-projector-sm2.jpgBack in March we learned that 3M would partner with a "leading consumer electronics company" in an attempt to be the first to market with a mini mobile projector. After months of speculation, 3M's CEO George Buckley has revealed that the mystery company in question will be Samsung. He also revealed that the price point for the device would be between $200-$400, which is $100 less on the low end than the previous estimate.

We also know that 3M is still planning on launching the device later this year, but it is unclear whether or not this device would be available as a stand-alone product or whether it will be integrated in Samsung devices. Although, given the interest in applying this technology to cellphones, integration into Samsung products seems likely. [Twin Cities via About Projectors]