Monday, April 07, 2008

Google's Zurich HQ: Office Fun For Everyone... Who Works There, Anyway [Google]


Ever looked around your office and thought "surely there's a better way than this soulless cubicle hell?" Well, there probably isn't. Unless you happen to work for Google in their Swiss HQ, that is. Because, frankly, their new office is awe-inspiringly amazing: it's an exercise in lateral-thinking, creativity-run-wild interior design. Slides to the canteen, cable-car meeting rooms, beanbags, fake snow, a multitude of colors. Check it out... you'll be as filled with envy as an envious person with a degree in enviousness.

See what I mean? Presumably it makes for a happy, fun-filled workforce. How they ever get time to do any work I don't know. Still, I work from my couch, so I could always put a slide in somewhere, and stick a bunch of beanbags about the place. It wouldn't quite have the same effect, though. [Swissmiss]