Monday, April 21, 2008

BB FlashBack: Screen Recording Software with Advanced Screencast Editing Functions


screencast video editor BB FlashBack 2.0 is an easy-to-use screen recording software that lets you make movies of your Windows desktop very quickly. It is also very light and uses its own video capture driver so your system performance won’t be affected during the screen recording phase.

*BB FlashBack would cost $225 per copy but some of you may have the software for free as we couple of licensed copies to giveaway.

While the basic screen recording features in BB FlashBack are pretty much the same as available in other competing titles (like Camtasia Studio), the software really shines on three counts:

screencast-options 1. When you start recording the screen, you get an option to automatically change the screen resolution, set the desktop wallpaper as blank and/or hide all the desktop icons. These little things are such a time-saver and also help reduce the overall size of your desktop video.

2. The developers have applied some good thinking while writing the screencast video editor in BB FlashBack. It’s a linear timeline based editor where every screen is represented by a frame. You can figure out the exact location of the mouse cursor plus the state of your keyboard by looking at any of frames in the timeline.


Now comes the most interesting part - you can re-record just the movements of the cursor without having to record the full movie again. Plus you can adjust the position of the mouse cursor like send it behind a text box or hide momentarily. Can’t think of any other screecasting software that offers this level of control.

3. You can export desktop videos recorded with BB FlashBack to the regular Flash or AVI/WMV formats plus there’s a option for PowerPoint Presentations.


The screencast is exported as a Flash movie that is is automatically embedded into the first slide of a PowerPoint file so you don’t have to do the extra work.

Giveaway: BlueBarry Software has offered five licensed copies of BB FlashBack 2.0 for our readers. In case you like to grab a license, please leave a comment and also mention why you need this software. Here’s a link to download BB FlashBack.

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