Friday, March 07, 2008

Samsung G400 Dual-Touchscreen Clamshell [Samsung G400]


Samsung%20G400a.jpgSamsung's no stranger to dual touchscreen phones—their Soul is a slider with one big one and one small one—but this G400 seems like a clever use of dual touchscreens. The two, one on the outside and one on the inside, are both 2.2-inch TFT LCDs, and allow people to control the phone without flipping it open. Inside, there's a 5-megapixel camera with facial detection and image stabilization, 7.2Mbps HSDPA, FM radio and three distinct GUI themes for you to choose from. No price or availability yet for the US, but it will be launched in Europe starting June 2008. [Mobile88 via Mobilewhack]