Thursday, February 28, 2008

Android gets handled, now with Street View


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While Apple might have your attention at the moment with that impending SDK, the Android OS seems to be coming along quite nicely over at Google and the Open Handset Alliance. BBC's Darren Waters got to peek "under the bonnet" with Andy Rubin himself, and has video to prove it. The OS was running on an unknown 3G touchscreen prototype, which also had a track ball at the bottom. The interface has come a long way since we saw it first, and browsing the web looks snappy and intuitive. Andy also showed off a version of Street View -- complete with smooth panning and zooming, of course -- and the fan-favorite Quake demo. Not bad at all for a 300MHz-ish processor, and while Android is still in "Alpha" stage, it's already got a lot of good things going for it. Video is after the break.

[Thanks, Omar A.]

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