Monday, December 17, 2007

Rayzer Triples Driving Visibility, Surprised Deers [Peripherals]

rayzer_by_visualeyes_03.jpg Rayzer may be one of the few car tuning parts that could be actually useful (after animated LED car rims and car spoilers made out of Boeing 747 flaps): a set of auxiliary HID Xenon lights that can be installed inside the car, between your windshield and the rear-view mirror. Swedish manufacturer Visualeyes says that the Rayzer activates wirelessly when you turn on the high-beams and claims that "Rayzer triples your visibility at night." Judging by the test images, it looks like they are right:

You don't have to turn them on: the Rayzer's lights are wirelessly synchronized with the car's high-beams. For you of those thinking about those idiots who travel all the time with their high-beams and anti-fog lamps on, you will be glad to learn that it has a traffic detection function that will automatically turn the light off if it detects cars in the distance.

The Rayzer will start distribution in 2008, so if you travel through roads with no or little illumination, these may be perfect for you.