Monday, September 10, 2007

Sony CMOS News: New Sony CMOS Sensor Set To Revolutionize Videography And Photography

sonycmos.jpgAt present, capturing still images at a high resolution cannot be done by freezing and cutting video recorded content at specific frames. If this is attempted a blurry image, or one with low-resolution shall result. Sony has plans to launch a new CMOS sensor that will make the above circumstance a thing of the past. A prototype of the new sensor, shooting at 60fps, was able to render staggering 6MP still images.

Even though the barbarian that is the Casio Exilim has managed to pull off a similar feat, this development ensures that CMOS sensors could eventually become the preferred technology in cameras/video cameras, as the two slowly become integrated. This endeavor has the ability to make a massive impact on the industry. Professionals will no longer have to concern themselves with one art form over the other; instead, the distinction between still images and video capture are set to blend into one seamless continuum. Though this is unlikely to make the camera obsolete entirely, we do not think that is the goal. Giving people more options that are usable are the main desires of such advancing technologies, and this promises nothing less. We have our eyes well and truly peeled for when this advancement hits the mainstream. At present, both Sony and Casio seem to be dithering around the prototype stage, even if Casio have a sexy looking case for that tasty CMOS number, who will hit first with a working model is anyone's guess. [Product Page via TFOT].