Monday, September 24, 2007

IPhone Accessories: Helium Digital Solves iPhone's Stupid Headphone Jack Problem for a Mere $3.99

helium_jack.jpg Apple's numbskull design decision to make it so that regular earphone jacks can't fit in its iPhone have inconvenienced nearly everyone who bought it, but now Helium Digital steps up with a $4 solution to the problem. That's the cheapest one yet. Check out our market overview of problem-solvers—none of which is made by Apple—after the jump.

Sure, Griffin and Belkin were first up with headphone adapters for iPod, but they cost $10 and $11 respectively, and Shure has a $50 music phone adapter with a VoicePort mic that also lets you pause the iPhone's music and make/take phone calls. And oh yeah, of course Monster Cable weighs in with its overpriced entry, the $20 iSplitter 200 headphone jack splitter.

That leaves Helium Digital's HD-005 3.5mm headphone adapter, selling for $3.99 Canadian, which is just about the same as US dollars these days, and for a while the company's offering free shipping. Such a deal. [Helium Digital]