Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Microsoft: Vista sells nearly 40 million licenses in first 100 days

what they DON'T say is that all/most of it was purchased by OEMs like Dell, HP, Lenovo ($1.3 billion software deal announced May 10th) etc. Anyone check with end users? Anyone know of an end user who has actually upgraded or is planning to upgrade to Vista (i.e. actually buy it?)? Posted May 16th 2007 5:04AM by Thomas Ricker

In case you're keeping track, nearly 40 million Microsoft Vista licenses have been sold in its first 100 days. According to Billy G, 78% of all sales made since the January 30th launch had been for the software's premium versions. Not bad, in fact, pretty damn impressive leaving little doubt that this is Microsoft's most successful OS (measure by rate of sale) ever with record profits sure to follow.