Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Aerogenerator Wind Turbine - vertical axis is key

The Aerogenerator, designed by Grimshaw Architects (UK) in association with Windpower Ltd., is a new form of wind turbine. Unlike three bladed turbines that we have come to know which spin on a horizontal axis, the Aerogenerator spins on a vertical axis. Spinning at three revolutions a minute, the Aerogenerator could generate around nine megawatts, a massive amount compared to the average of around two megawatts we have come to expect from horizontal turbines. Because of the larger power output, it would be more economical to build out at sea. This design also has the potential to harness the energy of the waves and tides by sub-surface generators.

Aerogenerator Wind Turbine

The design is derived from the Darrieus style of turbine, which rotates on a vertical axis – and as such is omni directional, accepting wind from whichever direction working something like a sideways water wheel.