Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Archos 5, 7 internet media tablets now on sale

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It's just been a few short days since Archos took the wraps off its new Archos 5 and Archos 7 "internet media tablets," but if you're already sold, you can now get your order in for one of 'em on Amazon (and no doubt plenty of other places shortly). Prices start at $350 for the lowest-end 60GB Archos 5, and go all the way up to $550 for a 320GB Archos 7. You can also take your pick from a range of accessories, including a DVR Snap-On or more full-fledged DVR Station ($80 and $100, respectively), a Battery Dock for $50, a Mini Dock for $30, and even a Helmet Camcorder for $130. Just don't expect any of that to arrive right away -- everything's listed with a two to four week shipping estimate.

[Via I4U News]
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ASUS launches a slew of new laptops

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ASUS took a break from cranking out an endless series of Eee PCs to revamp some of its traditional laptop lines today, here's what you need to know:
  • B50A business laptop: 15.4-inch screen, Penryn Core 2 Duos on Intel's GM45 Express chipset with ASUS's Expressgate SplashTop implementation and integrated X4500 graphics, max 4GB RAM and 320GB drive, spill-resistant keyboard, Bluetooth, WiFi, dual-layer burner, 1.3 megapixel webcam.
  • F8 laptops (pictured): 14.1-inch WXGA screen, Penryn Core 2 Duos with 256MB ATI Mobility Radeon HD 3470 graphics with Express Gate, TV tuner with remote control, up to 4GB RAM and a 320GB drive, 1.3 megapixel swivel webcam, five available colors.
  • F6 "scented" laptops: 13.3-inch screen, lids feature five available graphics and fragrances (really), Penryn Core 2 Duos with 256MB ATI Mobility Radeon HD 3470 graphics with Express Gate, TV tuner with remote control, up to 4GB RAM and a 320GB drive, fingerprint scanner.
  • G71V and G50V "Republic of Gamers" laptops: 17-inch (G71) and 15-inch (G50) gaming laptops with up to Intel Core 2 Quad QX9300 processors and 512MB NVIDIA GeForce 9700M GT graphics, 4GB of RAM, 2x 500GB hard drives, dual-layer burner, 2.0 megapixel swivel webcam, LED lighting effects, gaming hotkeys.
No pricing or ship dates yet, but we'll get you those as they come in.

Read - B50A
Read - F8
Read - F6
Read - G71V and G50V

[Via i4u, thanks Vinit]
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New 80GB PS3 provides minimal power savings, might have 65nm RSX GPU

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Last we heard, it was still up in the air somewhat as to whether upcoming PlayStation 3 consoles would house the elusive 65-nanometer RSX graphics processor. According to a curious buyer of Sony's newest 80GB unit, there is a smidgen of data that hints at a 65nm chip actually being under the hood. By using the oh-so-scientific Kill-A-Watt, he discovered that his older 40GB PS3 sucked down 125.8-watts when idle, while the fresh 80GB edition ate up just 111.9-watts. The findings were similar when looking at power draw during DVD playback and while spinning Metal Gear Solid 4. Unfortunately, this mighty fine fellow is planning to return the new unit after being disappointed by the minimal energy savings, so he's not apt to rip the thing open and prove once and for all what kind of GPU is in there. Meanwhile, we heartily suggest that someone do just that and put this question to bed.

[Thanks, Khattab]
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MIT working up microbatteries to power implantable medical sensors

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In the never-ending quest to make even the smallest devices on Earth a touch smaller, a talented team of MIT engineers have developed a method for creating and installing microbatteries, which could eventually power a plethora of diminutive devices including "labs-on-a-chip and implantable medical sensors." It's bruited that this is the first time in which "microcontact printing has been used to fabricate and position microbattery electrodes and the first use of virus-based assembly in such a process," and while you'd likely have to be a colleague to even digest that, the take away is that these gurus are one step closer to generating battery-powered Scrubbing Bubbles. And your shower could use 'em.

[Via PCMag]
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IOGEAR's Wireless USB to VGA kit extends your monitor sans wires

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Wireless VGA? Been there, done that. Wireless USB to VGA? Hello, IOGEAR. Said outfit has just revealed the world's first Wireless USB to VGA kit that enables users to extend or clone their desktop to another monitor sans wires. Certified by the USB-IF, this unit enables any machine with a spare USB port to stream video to a TV or projector with resolutions as high as 720p. So long as your USB dongle is plugged into your machine and the VGA adapter is connected to a display, you'll be good to go within a 30-foot radius. According to IOGEAR, the product is only compatible with Windows XP 32-bit or Vista 32- / 64-bit, but those with no qualms about that can grab one next month for $229.95. Full release after the jump.

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