Monday, May 19, 2014

drag2share: Getting Streaming Video Onto Screens Takes A Huge Amount Of Bandwidth â This Is How It Works


Slide1Internet traffic has exploded. That's largely thanks to the growth of video streaming services such as Netflix, YouTube, iTunes, and Twitch.  

Video files are massive in data terms, and rather than traveling over the open web unaided they often require sophisticated infrastructure to get them from content providers to audiences. 

In a new report from BI Intelligence on the online video streaming ecosystem, we explain the complexities and conflicts shaping this video delivery ecosystem, and examine the dynamic role played by content providers, content delivery networks, provider-run CDNs, transit providers, internet service providers, and peering agreements. 

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Here are the key dynamics surrounding the video streaming ecosystem: 

The report is full of charts and data that can be easily downloaded and put to use. 

In full, the report:


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