Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Android App Inventor Will Live On At MIT [Android]


Android App Inventor Will Live On At MIT Last week, we shared the news that Google's Android App Inventor was being shelved, despite its popularity as an educational tool. Last week's bad news is this week's good news as App Inventor has found a new home at MIT.

Using a gift from Google, MIT will be opening a new Center for Mobile Learning and its first project will be App Inventor. After a short stint in the hands of Google, the WYSIWYG development platform is now returning to its roots. The original App Inventor was created by Google with the help of MIT Professor Hal Abelson who designed it to be an easy-to-learn development platform.

Now that App Inventor is back in the hands of its creators, hopefully, the development platform will receive the attention it needs to develop into an even more valuable learning tool for budding programmers. [Hack Education]