Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Minimalist 3D Camera is All Smiles

Source: http://www.yankodesign.com/2011/01/11/minimalist-3d-camera-is-all-smiles/

If I came away with one one conclusion from this year’s CES, it’s 3D. For years companies have been talking about it but it seems 2011 is when it all comes to fruition and leading the initial wave are 3D cameras. The STEREOO concept gave us deja vu but this form factor and effervescent aesthetic is exactly what’ll get the general public excited about 3D. I love the minimalism and the humor of seeing a camera smiling back at you. The large display is capable of displaying 3D images and doubles as a touch interface. I want one now.

Designer: Designer: Michal Bonikowski from MINDSAILORS


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