Tuesday, November 23, 2010

E-Paper To Be As Disposable As Normal Paper? [E-paper]

E-Paper To Be As Disposable As Normal Paper? [E-paper]

E-Paper To Be As Disposable As Normal Paper?Well, as disposable as RECYCLING that paper is, anyway. (You do recycle, right?) University researchers have found a way to turn paper into e-paper—that is, the same electronic screen in a Kindle.

Professor Andrew Steckl, from the University of Cincinnati, successfully showed how electrowetting paper works in a similar manner to electrowetting glass. While e-paper is good for a few years at least (or however long it takes before you damage your Kindle), Steckl says this paper e-paper "is very cheap, very fast, full-color and at the end of the day or the end of the week, you could pitch it into the trash."

Obviously on a normal piece of paper, you can only store so much data—unless you're writing in pencil and are constantly erasing. This paper e-paper would contain as much information as a computer monitor, according to Steckl, but can be thrown out easily, with few environmental repercussions.

While I'm not too sure about that last claim, it's fascinating work that Steckl and his team has conducted in the field. Considering we've been getting all het up over just color e-paper in the past, Steckl's work should go far. [TG Daily via SlashGear]