Thursday, August 19, 2010

12 Sci-Fi Landscapes Found Right Here on Earth [Photography]


12 Sci-Fi Landscapes Found Right Here on EarthMy favorite thing about sci-fi stories are the otherwordly settings in which they take place, whether they're on distant alien planets or Earth in some strange future. But you can find some incredible, surreal landscapes right here, right now:

These shots, taken over the last decade by photographer Allison Davies, comprise Outerland, a stunning photographic collection of some of Earth's most mysterious and meditative locations.

Davies' personal history doesn't do anything to lessen the mystery: many of the photographs were taken while she worked as a private eye for a law firm in Manhattan. Davies herself can be seen in some of the shots in a Tyvek spacesuit, the same material with which the book is bound. A system of symbols runs throughout the pages of the book, which deliberately leave out descriptions, captions, or the locations of the landscapes.

You can buy a hardcover edition of Outerland from Charles Lane Press for $110. [Outerland via Wired]