Wednesday, July 02, 2008

EverNote Web Clipper Now Captures Complete Web Pages


EverNote, the world's favorite note taking application, has a new web clipper that enables you to capture full web pages including text, images and hyperlinks. This works in IE, Firefox and Safari.

evernote web clipper

To install the new EverNote Web Clipper, simple drag this bookmarklet - Clip to EverNote - into the bookmarks toolbar of your web browser.

If you have the Evernote web clipping on your machine already, there's no need to reinstall that as Evernote will auto-upgrade that according to Philip.

A similar service is offered by Iterasi as well – it also enables you to archive & save copies of any web page with a single click. So is Evernote some sort of threat to Iterasi?

I did a test run on some websites like BBC, New York Times, Mozilla, etc using both Evernote and Interasi and feel that Iterasi is much more reliable that Evernote. In many cases, Evernote simply refused to clip a web page while Iterasi worked just perfect.


That said, Evernote offers you OCR function so you can even search for text that may printed or even handwritten in pictures & screenshot images that were captured along the web page.

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