Thursday, July 03, 2008

Casio touts "Blanview" transmissive LCD for outdoor use


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Casio sure seems to be confident in its new transmissive LCD panel, so confident that it apparently thinks it can make it with a name like "Blanview." The big innovation here, Casio says, is that it's managed to develop a new system that pulls outside light into the LCD panel to make the transmissive LCD usable outdoors without backlighting, eliminating the need for so-called "semi-transmissive" LCD panels that are more commonly used today. What's more, it says this new method also increases the transmittance of the panel by about 30% and cut its power consumption for outdoor use by upwards of 50% compared to current panels. Unlike some other promised LCD technology, it also seems like this one is actually fast approaching commercializtion, with sample panels ranging in size from 2.7- to 6.5-inches set to begin shipping this month.
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