Sunday, April 13, 2008

Asetek Low-Cost Liquid Cooling systems gets tested, reviewed


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If you're making wagers with your SO that Asetek's Low-Cost Liquid Cooling system has graced your memory bank before, kudos to you. Although this innovative (and simplistic) cooling solution has been kicking around in laboratories and a few OEM pieces for awhile, it's remained largely in the shadows until recently. Now that liquid cooling has risen (somewhat) to the mainstream, the LCLC -- which was featured in HP's Blackbird 002 gaming rig -- is finally moving to retail chains. That being the case, the kind folks over at Hot Hardware decided to put the heat on the firm's liquid cooling system and see if it lived up to the hoopla. All in all, reviewers felt that the LCLC went a long way in overcoming the typical limitations present in water cooling setups, and thankfully, the price / performance were both very impressive indeed. We can't cover six pages worth of in-depth analysis in this space, but all the gory details are just one click away.

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