Friday, January 25, 2008

P-Per Design Concept is Sweet, Shames My iPhone

P-Per Design Concept

We recently informed you of the oh-so-awesome E-Paper Slap Bracelet, but now we also feel obligated to show you the P-Per. Don’t get me wrong, I like my iPhone, plenty, but the P-Per video (below) offers promises of pure awesome. This is a concept mobile device by the people over at Chocolate Design Agency. It employs the same multi-function E-Paper technology used in their bracelet; what’s more, it is also eco-friendly. Its design is efficient - it uses their energy-saving e-paper (which won them the red dot design award), only four layers of sustainable materials, and an Organic Radical battery. So, if you’re green, then you should probably see a doctor, but if you love the environment and mobile devices, then this cell phone looks to be your next communication device of choice.

Thanks, Karole, for the tip.