Monday, May 19, 2014

drag2share: Netflix's Recommendations Are About To Get Even Better


Netflix is working on improving the way it recommends television shows and movies. 

"Our vision is, you won't see a grid and you won't see a sea of titles," Netflix Chief Product Officer Neil Hunt said at Internet Week in New York City.

This comes just a couple of months after Netflix started moving into a field of research known as artificial intelligence technology called "deep learning" to suggest better content.

The goal of the technology is to stop suggesting movies and shows based on what you've seen. Instead, it aims to make recommendations based on what you actually like about your favorite shows and movies.

Right now, Netflix looks at the things you watch, and based on stuff like actors, genre, and filming location, it offers suggestions.

So if you like "Parks and Recreation," you're likely going to see a bunch of suggestions for shows like "The Office" and "30 Rock."