Saturday, October 29, 2011

drag2share: Amazing Invisible Glass Kills Glare Dead [Display]


Amazing Invisible Glass Kills Glare DeadReflections and glare on your electronic devices is irritating and causes eye strain. Nippon Electric Glass is battling glare for eyeballs everywhere with their so-impressive-you-can't-even-see-it Invisible Glass.

Reflections and glare are the bane of my existence. Between my MacBook Air and my HDTV, I'm constantly adjusting screens to minimize glare from lamps and the sun. Damn you Sun, Giver of Life! That's why I'm super excited to see that Nippon Electric Glass Co Ltd has developed a film for glass that virtually eliminates glare. The film is placed on the front and back of the glass to reduce reflections from light sources. Usually, glass will allow 92-percent of light pass through it and reflect 8-percent back to the viewer. The Invisible Glass film allows 99.5-percent of light pass through it and reflects only .5-percent back at the viewer.

If you hate math, just look at the image above. The glass on the left is untreated and the glass on the right that you can't see, that's been treated with the Invisible Glass film. That should convince you that you want this glass on your next electronic device. There's no word on when this glass wizardry will make it to market, but my retinas and I are hoping for as soon as possible. [Tech On!]

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