Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Jupitermedia Expands Its Micropayment Business


Today we announced that we  purchased eStock Music.  Now we have a leading position in the image microstock (used to be called micropayment) field with our Stockxpert operations as well as what could well be an exciting new micropayment area - music.  eStock Music is a leader (I am not sure we have competition) in micropayment royalty free music.  I believe that music has many of the same attributes as images in terms of being financially successful in the micropayment field.

Jupitermedia is already strong in the field of selling royalty free music with a variety of brands - notably  eStock Music is yet another way for us to play in all layers of the royalty free music field.  Many in the financial community associate us with stock images, but we are much bigger than only images.  We dominate in the fields of clipart and flash animations.  We will have all of these diverse but related digital content offerings on the soon to be unveiled JupiterDigital Web site.  Needless to say we are excited about our future offerings.