Friday, January 11, 2008

Report: Facebook Has Lowest Customer Experience of Social Networking Sites


Monitoring service WatchMouse has published a report today of many of the largest social networking sites customer experiences. They derive the scores based on load times plus penalties for non-load. Facebook is the worst scoring of all of the tested networks (about 100 total). Immediately I wonder about the report seeing as though Twitter is rated in the middle of the pack knowing how much downtime Twitter has had since launch.

Some of the best scoring networks include: Pownce, Meetup, Xing, Geni and Flickr. Check out the full report to view each network. Which reported networks stand out to you?

Of the 104 sites monitored, 51 show a Site Performance Index (SPI) of 1000 or more, making them very slow in load time.

Here are the worst 10 performing networks: